Delta Corp. Requests State Government To Reduce Licensing Fees For Casinos

India’s Delta Corp requested state government for reducing the licensing fee for recent months. According to the company, they had to face worse time due to Covid-19. Since they had to shut down their gaming venues due to Covid-19, they didn’t make profits out of their business. Now, officials at Delta Corp want government to reduce the license fee for those months.

According to latest press release from Delta Corp, they want to request state regulators or responsible authorities to reduce licensing fee for casinos for the year of 2021. The key reason behind requesting it is the pandemic Covid-19.

A report from famous Inside Asian Gaming, it’s observed that Delta allocated about US$3.5 million for the certain fees for running gaming venues in the state in the year of 2021. Now, Delta Corp is waiting for the response from competent officials of state government regarding the reducing of fees.

“Due to horrible pandemic situation, operations and regular functionalities of gaming venues or casinos in Goa were interrupted. Thus, casinos or other gaming entities in the sate couldn’t make profit out of their business”, a spokesperson of Delta Corp said in a press conference. He further added the statement, “We would like to request state regulators to reduce the fees for initial months so that we can run our gaming venues effortlessly”.

However, there is still no official response available from competent authorities of Government of Goa, but it’s anticipated that government may waive casinos in Goa. Since Delta Corp had to shut down its operation during pandemic time, they have now reopened their business. Obviously, they have to pay taxes or other fees to state government despite of not running their business during pandemic 2020.

Obviously, it could be a difficult decision for state regulators when it comes to reducing fee for casinos. It’s really difficult to conclude anything about the statement of Delta Corp. There are experts who suggest that Delta Corp is an important player in the industry so it could be a difficult decision for the state government to ignore the request of this big corporation.

Whether government is going to make decision in favor or opposition, one thing is sure that Covid-19 pandemic has destroyed the businesses during 2020-21. It’s really difficult to casinos and other gaming businesses to recover from the pandemic situation. However, there are experts who anticipate that post pandemic situation could be a better option. But still saying anything could be a bit early.

When state officials were asked regarding the request of Delta Corp, they replied “no comment”. Of course, officials at regulator department may not be able to make a decision instantly. But there must be an order received from the higher authorities. Now, it’s really difficult to predict anything about the state government decision about whether the fees could be reduced or not.

State Government of Goa is planning to help casinos or other gaming entities in state to flourish their business rapidly. So, it can be said that officials at government may help casinos owners to find a good way to save money on taxes or other things.

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