Government Is Ready To Embrace Goa As A Casino Capital

Panaji: According to union tourist minister called G. Kishan Reddy, Government is ready to embrace Goa as a casino capital of India provided that it can benefit the state. However, he further clarifies that Goa doesn’t need this official title as people around the world are already considered it as the casino capital of India.

The union minister was asked a question during a press conference whether government can declare Goa as a casino capital of the country or not. “We don’t have official decision regarding this, but if declaring Goa as a casino capital of country may benefit the people of Goa, we would surely do it”, he said in a press conference.

It’s a known fact that Goa is basically visited by tourists or visitors who want to explore casinos in India. There are only two states in India where casinos are allowed i.e. Goa and Sikkim. So, people either need to visit Sikkim or Goa. Of course, most of the foreigners prefer visiting Goa for its amazing culture, tourist attractions, beaches, and yes casinos.

If you are planning to explore casinos in Goa, you need to look for available tourist plans for visiting Goa. “We are planning to make Goa a safe and secured place for tourists. That’s why we are taking everything into consideration that may benefit the state. This is the point where we don’t hesitate declaring Goa as a casino capital of India”, Union minster said in press conference in Panaji.

Here one point should be noted that there are about 6 offshore casinos in Goa state. But local people want to get removed them from the existing location. There could be various reasons behind the same. But politicians make great benefits out of the same situation. Earlier, BJP claimed to remove offshore casinos after the forming the government. But it has almost 10 years, BJP-led government is just extending the time for the casinos.

It was 2012 assembly elections when Manohar Parrikar, Former Chief Minister of the state launched an activate agitation against offshore casinos. But the result was nothing. Here, one point should be noted that BJP fought the assembly elections on the promise of removing offshore casinos from local Mandovi area, but even after 10 years of forming government, they did nothing for the same.

The worst part of the situation is that government simply extents the time for running offshore casinos after every 6 months. So, it can easily be anticipated that casinos at Mandovi will continue running in near future as well. Of course, politicians can’t do anything against casino syndication. They are helpless against casino syndication in Goa.

Despite of all the roars, one thing is sure that due to casinos in Goa, most of the tourists flock towards Goa. However, there are lots of tourist’s attractions in Goa that may lure visitors towards it, but when it comes to generating revenue for the state government casinos come as the best option to go with. It’s the main reason why government doesn’t shy declaring Goa as the casino capital of India.

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