Rainbow Casino Birmingham Review

If you’re looking for a fun, exciting place to gamble, look no further than the Rainbow Casino in Birmingham, Alabama. This casino opened in 1964 and has been open ever since. With so many gaming options, the staff is happy to help newbies as well. They even offer expert tuition. In addition to a number of gaming machines, the Rainbow offers a PS4000 jackpot. Whether you’re looking to try your luck in poker, blackjack, roulette, or slot machines, you’ll find everything you need in this casino.

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A Rainbow Casino Birmingham restaurant review reveals some of the restaurant’s best features. You can find a variety of gaming options including six American roulette tables, Blackjack, Three Card Poker, and Punto Banco, which features an ‘Ur Way Egalite’ side bet. There is a large selection of alcoholic beverages and an extensive snack menu. If you’re looking for a relaxing evening away from the casino, the restaurant’s bar will not disappoint. There’s also regular live music and sporting events held at this casino.

Games offered

If you want to spend a relaxing night in a casino and get in some serious gambling action, then Rainbow Casino is the perfect choice. The casino is located near the city centre and offers some of the best nightlife in the UK. For those who are planning a trip to Birmingham, the casino is the perfect place to start the night. Guests of the Rainbow Casino Birmingham can also take advantage of the special packages offered by the casino.


If you enjoy playing blackjack and roulette, then you’re going to love Rainbow Casino Birmingham. There are six American Roulette tables and an extensive variety of other games to choose from. You can also play three card poker, Tombola Roulette, and the Chinese tile game Mah Jong. The casino’s staff is more than willing to provide expert tuition and help beginners win. If you’re a beginner, they can even teach you how to use the ‘Ur Way Egalite’ side bet.

Price range

There are several ways to make the most of your time at the Rainbow Casino in Birmingham. You can play your favourite card games here, including roulette, blackjack, and three card poker. If you’re looking for something a bit different, you can try out games such as Tombola Roulette, Chinese tile game Mah Jong, and the popular game of Three Card Poker. Rainbow Casino Birmingham also offers special packages to attract locals and tourists alike.


The Rainbow Casino is a premier gambling destination in Birmingham, England. It is the longest-running casino in the country, having moved to its current location in 1964. It offers a variety of gaming options, from classics to modern video slots. The staff is well-versed in the different types of games and offers expert tuition for those new to the game. The casino has a variety of gaming machines, including PS4000 jackpot machines.

What is Rainbow Casino Birmingham?

If you have ever wondered what is Rainbow Casino Birmingham, then you’ve come to the right place. The casino is located on the edge of central Birmingham. If you’re unsure about its location, it’s easy to find on Google Maps. Its address is 61 Broad Street, Edgbaston, and it’s open to people over 18. Membership is available for a discounted rate, and you can enjoy a variety of dining options.

open 24 hours

The Rainbow Casino in Birmingham, England, is the oldest casino in the city. It opened its doors in 1962, and underwent a complete refurbishment in 2012. Its main attraction is its 24 hour gaming. The casino offers a variety of table games and a delicious meal. However, it does lack the variety of poker games that you can find at many other casinos. This is a great place to spend an evening and meet new people.

offers a variety of dining options

There is something to suit every taste and budget at the Rainbow Casino Birmingham. Whether you like the traditional casino table games or something a little different, you can find what you’re looking for. This casino features everything from roulette and blackjack to three-card poker and the popular Chinese game Mah Jong. If you’re looking to try your hand at a new game, Rainbow Casino Birmingham is the place to go.

has a long history

The Rainbow Casino Birmingham is a well known landmark in the city of Birmingham. It has a long history, but you don’t need to be a member to enjoy the many games on offer. Players only need to be 18 years or older to enter the casino. This casino also has a rewards card, which applicants can apply for online or in person. Upon approval, card holders are entitled to special benefits, such as discounts on dining, drinks, and gaming, and they also have higher maximum bet allowances.

offers tuition for all of its games

The games at Rainbow Casino Birmingham include American Roulette, Blackjack, Three Card Poker, and Punto Banco, which has an unusual Ur Way Egalite side bet. You’ll have the chance to try your hand at any game and receive expert tuition from the casino’s staff. The casino has a relaxed atmosphere and offers a range of special packages for players who want to experience the excitement of playing these games without breaking the bank.

offers free entry

For those of you looking for a fun and entertaining night out, the Rainbow Casino Birmingham is an ideal location to do so. The casino is free to enter, so why not take advantage of it? It’s not just free entry, either – the casino offers a range of gaming options, including 20 electronic roulettes and classic games like Blackjack and Three Card Poker. The casino also offers live sports betting, and its staff are on hand to give expert tuition and advice.

has no membership requirement

Rainbow Casino Birmingham offers a variety of games to its patrons. In addition to traditional slots, blackjack, roulette, and three card poker, the casino also offers specialty games like Punto Banco, which features an Ur Way Egalite side bet. There are no membership requirements to play the games, and the staff is more than happy to provide expert tuition on how to play the games. Guests can expect to find everything they’re looking for, including a variety of promotions and prizes.

Rainbow Casino Birmingham – A Quirky Casino Experience

If you’re looking for a fun and enticing alternative to the usual high street casino experience, you can try Rainbow Casino Birmingham. The quirky offbeat casino is just over a mile from Birmingham’s Five Ways train station, and features a floor dedicated to table games, a bar, and a dining area. The casino also hosts themed events throughout the week, and the free Chinese buffet is a treat on Monday nights.

Located on Portland rd in Birmingham, the Rainbow Casino is owned by Double Diamond Gaming Ltd. The casino’s floor area is spread over three floors and offers an excellent selection of electronic roulette and video slots. In addition, you’ll find Blackjack and American roulette, as well as Punto Banco and Three Card Poker. The Rainbow also features a superb restaurant, Clarendon, on the first floor, where you can enjoy a variety of delicious meals. The casino also offers handicapped facilities and a meeting room. If you’re a member of Rainbow, you can also benefit from the members’ club.

While visiting Rainbow Casino Birmingham, make sure to check out the casino’s extensive game selection. It has all of the classics, from blackjack to roulette. There are even electronic roulette machines and slot machines with PS10,000 jackpots. You can also sign up for a Welcome Pack, which includes coupons and vouchers for play at the Rainbow Casino Birmingham. This pack is great for new players because it will help you get acquainted with the casino.

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