Win Win Bhagyakuri Lottery

The Kerala Lottery is one of the largest cash-flows in India, and is run by the government of Kerala. The lottery is held on a weekly basis from Monday to Saturday. The lottery’s draw numbers are drawn randomly at random. The state lottery is also known as the Kerala State Lottery, or KSL.

Kerala Lottery’s first-week lotteries

The department of lottery operates a large distribution network throughout the state and has more than 55,414 agents and 1.5 lakh merchants. Opening an agency for the lottery is easy and requires no large financial investment. Anyone living in the state of Kerala can become an agent for the lottery by submitting an application form and two passport-size photos. Once registered, the lottery agency is valid for a calendar year. Thereafter, the agent can renew the agency’s registration for an additional fee of Rs. 85/ per year.

Win Win Bhagyakuri Lottery

If you’re lucky enough to win a prize, you can claim it at the Kerala Lottery office in Thiruvananthapuram. If you are the winner, you’ll need to show the winning ticket and all of the required documentation to claim the prize. For any winnings over Rs. 1 lakh, you must claim them at the respective district lottery office.

The Kerala Lottery draws different lotteries daily. There are daily lotteries, first-week lotteries, and special lotteries. Each of these lotteries is held at a different time, and the results are announced every day at 3 pm. You can also check if you’ve won by visiting the official website of the lottery.

How to claim winning prize

If you have won the win-win lottery, it is important to claim your prize as soon as possible. Prize money is usually given to a handful of lucky candidates everyday. In order to claim the winning prize, you must have the ticket inscription. However, in some cases, you may have to wait a few days for the prize money to be processed.

Win-Win Bhagyakuri Result

The Win-Win Bhagyakuri result is a major lottery held in the state of Kerala every year in the principal week of January. The results are released on the official website of the state department of lottery. To find out if you have won the lottery, you will need to enclose a copy of your ticket stub.

Win-win bhagyakuri result is the primary lottery of the state of Kerala

The Win-Win Bhagyakuri Result is a primary lottery in Kerala, India, where you can win a guaranteed prize if you have a winning ticket. The lottery is run by the government of Kerala. The first and third prizes are guaranteed. The lower prize slabs depend on the sale of tickets.

The result of the lottery is declared on the official website of the state of Kerala. The winning numbers and prize amount are announced on the official website of the state lottery. The prize money is divided among three prize categories: the first prize is Rs. 5 lakh, the second prize is Rs.1 lakh and the consolation prize is Rs.8000.

It is held at Gorky Bhavan

The state lottery department of Kerala has announced the winning numbers for Win-Win W-671 lucky draw. The draw was conducted at the Gorky Bhavan in Thiruvananthapuram, near Bakery Junction, and is held under the supervision of independent judges. The winning ticket is WT 150978 (ERNAKULAM) and the first prize is Rs 75 lakh. The winner must report to the lottery office with their winning tickets and identity proof to claim the prize.

The lottery draw is held every Monday. The results are published in the official website of the state lottery department at 4 pm. The first prize winner will get Rs 75 lakh, second prize is Rs 5 lakh, third prize is Rs 1 lakh, and consolation prize is Rs 8,000.

Win Win Bhagyakuri Today Results

If you’re planning to participate in the Win-Win Bhagyakuri lottery today, you need to be patient and wait for the results for at least a couple of hours. The results of these lotteries are updated at 3 pm every day. Eventually, you will be able to see the complete list of winners and how many tickets were sold.

The Win-Win lottery is conducted every Monday and the draw starts at 3:00 PM. The results are available on the official media portal by 4:00 PM. You can also check the live result on YouTube. The live drawing is followed by an announcement of the winners. The second prize is Rs 5 lakh.. The lottery is being conducted at Gorky Bhavan and the price of a single ticket is Rs 30.

When the results are published, the winning ticket owners have to surrender it within 30 days. The winning ticket holders must check the winning numbers in the gazette. If you want to view the results of previous draws, visit the official website of the Kerala State Lotteries. You can download the results or print them out.

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